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Kevin Boyle"I have played Rep hockey all my life and when I was young the DMHA created a policy making mouth-guards mandatory. In the years I played hockey I tried every type of store bought “mouth-guard” there is from the simplest, to the mould your own and the more expensive store bought kind. In the last couple years I joined a men’s hockey team and since it is non-contact, I thought to myself that I didn’t need one anymore.

Last year an errant high stick chipped my tooth and I decided that since my dental coverage isn’t very strong and I don’t want to have to wear dentures or have fake teeth for the rest of my life that it was time to get one. A couple things that I remembered about those old mouth guards was, how uncomfortable they were, how easily they fell out (making them redundant) and how they negatively affected my breathing. In any high intensity sport, proper breathing and comfort is always a key to keeping performance high. With this in mind I went to Bernie for a custom mouth guard and she not only has a mobile service but the whole process took only a few minutes and the mouth guard was ready for me the next day. I wear a half visor and this season I had the misfortune of taking a puck in the mouth that ended up putting me in the emergency room waiting to get patched up.

When the doctor saw me he asked if I had been wearing a mouth guard and when I responded “Yes”, he said that it had probably saved me, not only dental work but was the reason why I didn’t put any teeth through my lip and the cut wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Being still in University and not having much money, I thought of the price I paid for my mouth guard (Which is quite reasonable) and realized it had not only saved my teeth but had just paid for itself many times over. Not only is it comfortable and doesn’t negatively affect my breathing but it stays in place throughout the game like a second skin and I hardly notice it.

When it comes to teeth, it’s not worth cheaping out and saving a few bucks. I recommend going to Bernie for professional service and getting it done properly, it’s an investment in your health well worth the price. I know that I’ll never go back to the cheap do-it-yourself kind. Once you try it on, you can feel the difference that quality makes and I thank Bernie every time I see her because I’m quite attached to my teeth and I want to keep my smile the way it is."

Kevin Boyle

"My name is Dr Bryan Murray and I am a dentist from Lethbridge, Alberta and am also a grappler and play Old Timer hockey in my spare time. I was introduced to Allsportguards by my assistant Janna who was taught by Bernadette MacKay at a school in Ontario. At Janna’s recommendation I sent my order to Allsportsguards for a mouthguard. I ordered the Bioguard III which gives a triple layer of protection on the front teeth.

I am very pleased with my mouthguard as the fit is very snug and I can breathe quite easily. The white fangs on the black mouthguard is also pretty cool, my teammates love it!"

Dr. Bryan Murray

Last night at indoor practice a parent asked me for my recommendation for mouth guards…

With out reservation I recommend Allsportsguards My children have used them for years… superb fit (guaranteed), very easy to wear and breath, even talk with it in. 1000% better than shop bought ‘boil your own’ (and you don’t burn your gums either).

Richard Topping

"I just wanted to let you know I recently did a number of kickboxing rounds with a fighter who is a former k-1 competitor (a famous Japanese organization), and the mouthguard held up well, was comfortable, and didn't leave any cuts in my mouth!"

Thanks again.


" Just wanted to let you know that we received Ben O'Mara's mouth guard that we purchased at the OMHA Parade Of Champions Day and he is VERY happy with it!

Thank you,
Leanne O'Mara

"Edison got his mouthguard!!  Loves it!" 

Thank you!


"My daughter had a Mouthguard made by you and it's been the best fit of any she has ever had."


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