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Bruxism or Nightguards

Nightguards also known as bruxism guards are used to treat a variety of symptoms and afflictions.

Attrition or premature wear. If you are grinding your teeth at night you may be wearing down the enamel prematurely. Wearing a nightguard protects against further premature wear.

Headaches. Do you often have a headache upon awakening in the morning. If so, you may be clenching your teeth at night and a nightguard works by providing a space between the teeth so the muscles rest at night.

TMJ and myofacial pain disorder. Both of these conditions present themselves with pain just above the corner of the lower jaw and around the ear. Myofacial pain disorder can also involve the muscles of the face. If you have been told you have either of these conditions, a thorough assessment with a specialist/periodontist would be recommended.

Dental Hygiene Services

  • Cleanings
  • Polishing
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Oral Self Care Instructions
  • Desensitizing ( Ask about the latest
    effective product we use for desensitizing.)

We offer an excellent non-needle type numbing agent should you require it. We accept all insurance plans.

Why be treated at an independent dental hygiene practice?

Dental Hygienists have been allowed to practice solely since 2007. The reason we lobbied for years for this right is so that we can practice our discipline the way we see fit. The clients who come to our practice do so because it is a different environment from the dental office in that it is a slower pace without the sounds and smells of the dental office. The dental hygiene practice is the perfect environment for people who may have fear of dental offices and can receive much needed preventative care with less anxiety.

The recommended fees set by our association, The Ontario Dental Hygienists Association is approximately 25 30% less than the average dental office charges so for people who dont have dental insurance or senior citizens, this is an alternative for them.

All Sports Mouthguards

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