Personalized style Select from fourteen colour options or adding individual logos/artwork to design your own unique mouthguard.

Safeguard | Entry level sports

  • Safe Guard Introductory mouthguard for the primary dentition
  • 2.0mm finished thickness
Bioguard II® Mouth Guard

Bioguard I® | Sports and activities that are contact

  • Laminated with 2mm clear EVA
  • 3mm finished thickness
Safe Guard  Introductory mouthguard

Bioguard II® | Provides .5mm finished thickness more than Bioguard I

  • Laminated with 3mm clear EVA
  • 3.5 mm finished thickness
 Bioguard I® Mouthguard

Bioguard III®

  • Recommended for sports where there is a lot of frontal contact such as boxing, grappling etc. or for players who already have crowns or implants on the front teeth.
  • Same as Bioguard II with an additional 2mm clear over front teeth.
Bioguard III® Mouth Guard


  • Team logos can be applied to any guard.
  • Any of the colours may be combined in any way using two or three colours. An additional $5 is charged.
  • Any decals can be applied to any colours at no additional fee. As well as name and number.
  • Psychadelics can be made adding any colours you wish. An additional $15 is charged.
  • Glitterguards. Combine any of the single or double colours with gold, silver, blue, green or purple sparkle.
Pricing Starting at $45.00.
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