Custom-Fit material versus Stock or Boil and Bite Guards.

Custom-Fit Proís

  • Comfort
    • All Sports Guards stay in place specifically because they are formed to the athletes jaws and teeth.
    • If it stays in place, the player cannot be chewing on it and basically destroying it. Comfort means high wear compliancy.
    • Our unique design allows for a combined layer thickness of 3 mm on the front and bite surfaces and a single layer of 1mm on the palate side, which minimizes gagging, allows for easy talking and breathing.
      See image at the top right.
  • Protection
    • Guard comes with a case and therefore if the player puts it in the case when not in use, should not be lost or damaged.
    • With proper care, should last one year in a growing child.
  • Personalized style
    • Select from fourteen colour options or adding individual logos/artwork to design your own unique mouthguard.

Stock Guards or Boil and Bites Conís

  • Do not fit tightly, therefore the athlete tends to play with them and/or chew them which leads them to be destroyed very quickly.
  • Because they are easily removed from the teeth while playing, the player may not even have the mouthguard in place when they get hit.
  • Usually a player will go through more than one through a season.
  • Because the guard is easily removed, there is a greater chance of losing it.

Custom Mouth Guards

Reality Check - Four fractured permanent anterior teeth

Approximate costs according to the Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide:

Root Canal $400.00 per tooth times four $1,200.00
Crowns $1,000 per tooth times four $4,000.00
Posts (if needed) $176.00 per tooth times four $700.00
Emergency visit $500.00 (x-rays, etc)

If you are fortunate enough to have insurance, most insurance's have a maximum that will be paid out in one calendar year.

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 Bioguard I® Mouthguard


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